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League Two's Best New Crest for 2022

By Staff, 04/14/22, 11:59AM EDT


Vote for your favorite crests for the upcoming season!

Group A

We start in the Midwest, where creativity and community identity are certainly staples. Chicago City SC proudly displaying the city flag vertically on their crest, while Chicago Dutch Lions are rolling with the tried and true Dutch Lions crest seen elsewhere in the country.

League Two newcomers Minneapolis City SC keep it simple, a black crow looking over its shoulder for any approaching challengers. St Croix's symmetrical crest makes their fans swoon.

Cleveland Force's unmistakable yellow and blue will shine through even the stormiest Ohio nights, while Peoria City's slick font and angled crest is pleasing to the eye.

Which is your favorite Group A crest? Make sure to vote!

Group B

Group B may as well be called Group Bayou, as a heavy Louisiana presence is all over this collection of crests.

Blue Goose SC's polygon goose will be instantly recognizable on their kits this season, its eyebrows pointed and ready for battle. AC Houston Sur is showing off a more classic look with their crest, writing Virtus Et Honos, Latin for Virtue and Honor, across the bottom.

Louisiana Krewe and LA Parish AC took two different approaches to the same concept - how to represent the state of Louisiana. Whether you like Krewe's state outline and color scheme, or Parish's pelican and waves, you can't go wrong with either.

Christos FC has adopted a simpler green and white look reminiscent of their previous logo, dropping the stripes and yellow lion for a more straightforward design.

Patuxent Football Athletics is doing the opposite, opting for two detailed birds contained in the laurel wreath, surrounding a soccer ball.

And in Tennessee, those three stars at the base of the crest are recognizable anywhere, as the stars that can be found on the state flag of Tennessee.

Vote for your favorite Group B crest below!

Group C

Group C, or as we'll name it, Group Circle, features crests that may look very similar at first glance, but reveal unique community identities in each one.

Lansing City may look like a simple circle, but the skyline of Lansing will show on every player's chest, reminding them of the community they play for.

Midwest United FC went with a slick blue, silver and white badge shape, with the outline of Michigan along the bottom. A star is placed on Grand Rapids.

Caledonia Soccer Club's sky blue circle and unique font help it stand out in the group, and is sure to be a fan favorite for the club.

NONA's orange and greyscale color scheme is unique, as the blocks behind the combined lettering of N and A are appealing and fun to look at.

Miami AC's staple palm trees can be found in the center of their logo, inside a soft blue with white lettering that's easy on the eyes.

One Knox, one of League Two's newest clubs, has an attractive sunset overlooking the darkened rolling hills of Tennessee.

Vote for your favorite Group C crest below!

Group D

Some of the most exciting newcomers in League Two this year are in Group D. 

Ballard FC have built an exciting local identity, and it starts with the beautiful crest featuring their colors.

Oly Town Artesians have a horseshoe that will become their calling card for the upcoming season, as definitive a crest as any.

Central Valley Fuego FC II are using the same crest as their professional side - a tested and true brand that will shine through.

Davis Legacy features a throwback style of crest, with a banner and thick horizontal stripes that define their culture.

Marin FC Legends have the imposing helmet faded into the mountains on their crest, as they look out over their future opponents.

Finally, Commonwealth Cardinals will be sporting their unique look on opening night, as the bright red bird is perched on its branch.

Vote for your favorite Group D crest below!

Group E

Our final group in the Best New Crest competition, Group E features new crests from all across the country.

Vermont Green's environmental mission shines through in their crest, as a smile can be seen across the face of the mountain.

The powerful lion in the center of the Blackwatch Rush crest is classic and imposing, and the Colorado mountains can be seen surrounding the soccer ball of CISA's crest for 2022.

New Mexico United will also be using their professional side's crest, a classic and popular look among their established fans.

Boston's skyline looks over Boston City FC's crest, as the staple lion is seen below it playing with a soccer ball.

Finally, Hudson Valley Hammers have a clean outline-style font, featuring a bridge across the middle of the crest.

Make sure to vote for all your favorite crests at the bottom of this story!

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